I Good Thinking Desire and Fire for God and for His Loving people. I’m Rev. Dr. George Burge. My Date of birth is 01-09-1966, In 1987 I was Appointed in the Indian Railways ( Indian government ) I’m an Engineer in Indian Railways. But my Heart and Soul has always been excited to do some good work (Amos 5;14) my Eyes always seek a good fellowship and God’s work, Because I think, if I do some good work, then no one can take my Blessings, 100% God Give me His Grace and Mercy, that is Enough for me.

I have Many Responsibility of my family, So, I pray and wait for Gods plan…Slowly Slowly,  with many Temptations, Fighting with Evil work..I want to be near for *Jesus Christ* , And Talk to Him..When I Completely understand and Know His (God) plan, I Surrender my Life in His Holy Hands. 23 July 2008, I’m doing Ministry and Sharing Gospel Since 1994, but I Don’t know much about Jesus Christ,  I’m Christian only for Name..Because I’m not found in Christ…But when Jesus Caught me, Then I surrender Completely on 23 July 2008.

Jesus Told me, George, go now you are Ready to Preach and Serve with Wisdom and an Honest Soul..Then I Started Biblical Study and Completed my BT.h, MT.h and Ph.D , I’m Trained Missionary also, A good Councillor, I have many Gifts from God. But still I’m a good Listener and Student. I Left my job before 15 Years of my Retirement, on 31st  October 2013.  I’m Happy and Satisfied. MY Goal is to *SAVES SOULS* for the *KINGDOM of GOD*

I have Prayer power from God..He Hears my prayers very Carefully…God is using me, Because I want tobe used for His Holy Name…Dear brother our problem is this, That He wants to give us Everything, He wants to Bless us, but we don’t want to Take, our Hands and Soul’s Both are Closed..If we want to take His (God) Blessings then we need to open the Hands and Eyes of Soul’s .. Jesus Said to Peter, in John 13:8, Really    Today we all need to come near the Jesus Christ and Surrender our lives…1 John 1:9, 1 John 2;1-2, God also wants, Our fellowship with Jesus, 1 Cor. 1:9, 1 Cor. 6:17