America and The World Pt 1

I’m Isidro Ryan Garcia (Senior Pastor for God’s Christian Warriors Inc). This story began almost 20 years ago this August coming up. For you see none of us can say that we’re without sin.

John 8:7 They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”

Our journeys all begin as we go through life and try to follow and obey Jesus Christ as we all should at all times. Sometimes we adhere to the principles that have been given to us by our Parents, Pastor’s, Minister’s and People that call themselves Men or Women of God.

We begin as loyal Christians, and try to distant ourselves from the ways of the world, but then it comes at us that evil, darkness, and just not obeying the Words of God. Haven’t we all gone through this stage before we became True Believers of Jesus Christ our Lord, and Savior.

Let’s try to help each other for we all need each other to bring that Light of Jesus Christ if we call ourselves followers, and disciples that will bring as many as we can to Revive The Soul’s for God’s Kingdom and Glory.

May this message inspire and lift everyone up for you know that I have gone through this, and worse in my life, but Jesus Christ can be your Salvation. Just ask yourself right now will I be there in the End standing in front of Almighty God in the END.

Just Pray this right now giving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ HIS Glory for dying for You, and I on the Cross. Father I come to you knowing that I’m a Sinner, but now will from this day forth accept You as my Lord, and Savior and know that with these words out of my mouth with sincerity I will Honor You from this day on with Salvation for your Kingdom, and Glory. Amen

Thank You all from the bottom of my Heart, and tell you that I Love You All now, and forever. Your Brother, and Friend in Christ Isidro Ryan Garcia